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What is Zopler all about?

Zopler is a social network where writers, authors, teachers and students can easily collaborate on writing stories together as a group.

Membership is free and will always be free.

As a member, you can help others write a story and likewise, others can help you. Together, writer's block is never an issue and motivation to finish your story is right at your fingertips.

Zopler's unique story pages allow users to insert paragraphs within the storyline, not just at the end. Users can also upload pictures and illustrations for each paragraph.
Why should I use Zopler ?

Zopler makes it easy to collaborate with other writers. There are no limits to how many stories you can write. A simple idea can blossom into a rich tome with the contribution of other writers.

Zopler helps schools and organisations raise funds by working with businesses to offer discounts and good fundraising ideas. We also have information for schools and clubs looking for rewards programs to encourage good behaviour and academic ability.

What is Zopler's story ?

Zopler has been developed as part of a larger project. We needed to figure out the technicalities involved in ordering linked text paragraphs without having to re-index large portions of the database.

Zopler's story tool allows users to insert text inbetween other paragraphs. From a technical perspective, this is rarely seen online - usually additional content is just added to the end of existing text. Inserting content inbetween is a simple idea, but complex to deal with on a large scale. We even had to consult with a mathematics professor!

While the 'larger project' is still under development, we recognised that this tool we've developed can have other uses - and Zopler was born.

What does 'Zopler' mean ?

We wanted a short, simple name for our website with an appropriate domain name (ie, To cut a long story short, we had to get creative to make sure a suitable domain would be available. We registered a few types of 'zip-' 'zop-' 'zap-' domains and let each sink in for a few weeks during the development cycle. It was only in the week before launch we decided on 'Zopler'.

OK, where do I sign up ?

Please sign up through the join page here.

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