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 a while ago
"He tried to run away from the monkeys throwing the rest of his popcorn at them in disgust. The man ran away as the monkeys were chasing after him. A shimmering blue portal appeared in front of him. The man dashed forward flying into the portal. He shot out smashing into burning sand. He was in the desert. The man was so warm in the blazing desert and as he turned around he heard the abrupt sound of monkeys. Oh great he thought to himself. He started dashing away as he had no steps left falling off of the cliff. He fell onto a bridge. CRACKK!! the bridge snapped sending him hurtling down. He was sucked into another portal ending up in Walmart looking at a box of Cherios. "
 a while ago
"Try to make the shape of his face to determine who he is. The mysterious person vanishes through the morning fog as I wonder if I was just imagining him. I quickly finish my breakfast and scale the tree to the ground. I walk forward trying to follow the steps of the person but I'm confused when I stop dead in my tracks. The island ends and as far as I can see is water. Suddenly I hear the rustle of leaves and snapping of twigs. I stand up fast and turn around."
 a while ago
"The rats dashed through his mouth. The man flew up ripping the rats of his mouth. He tasted the sour bitterness of death in his mouth as he sprinted away. The rats kept piling out of the sewer chasing after him. The man dashed toward the bat laying in the middle of the alley way. He picked it up but instantly threw it back down as he noticed along with all the bats was a mountain of wasps soaring his way."
 a while ago
"The women suddenly was filled with fear as she remembered her husband was on a business trip to North Dakota. She quietly climbed out of bed approaching the darkhall slowly. She heard the scuffle of feet, a soft cough, and the sound of someone picking things up and throwing them in a bag. She whipped her cell phone off her dresser and ran for the closet. The women shivered while punching in the numbers 911 on her phone. While it rang her eyes swelled with tears."
 a while ago
"Kelvin sprinted away running as fast as he could. He flew over the bush smashing into the ground sending the soft sound of crunching leaves. The mysterious figure came out of the dark street giving his appearance away from the dim light of the street lamps. Kalvin had found a one hundred dollar bill blowing down the sidewalk and a mysterious man from the other side of the rode started chasing after Kelvin for the money. Kelvin knew it was not the man's bill and tried to escape from him. Kalvin lost sight of the mysterious figure and slowly walked down the side walk. Kalvin was walking down the sidewalk with the cold night air biting his face. Suddenly he was yanked back by the mysterious man yanking the collar of his shirt fiercely. Kelvin was suddenly filled with fear."
 a while ago
"Roy was going to enter the split rock trail. As he walked in the entire air around him was engulfed by trees. he whipped a long tree branch off the ground snapping it in half. It was perfect for him to hike with. He heard the rustling of water as he turned off his trail and scaled down the hill. Sticks, branches, and thorns scratched his arms and legs. When he got to the bottom he noticed a waterfall sparkling as the water smashed off the rocks. Roy darted over to it watching the water swirl down the falls and softly settle through the creek. Roy noticed that the sun was beginning to settle and a blanket of darkness lied over the woods.He heard the soft sound of crickets and rustling water cascade through the night sky. Crunch...Crunch..Snap! Roy flinched suddenly filled with fear as he turned around to see a wolf standing fiercely behind him. He swallowed,his mouth tasting dry, with his brain frozen. The wolf let out a piercing howl and Roy was taken over with fear."
 a while ago
"The wind dashed through Jack's hair as he darted through the woods. Jack is 14 and is soaring through Creek woods. The wind is howling ferociously as the sound of thunder bellows through the air. The ghostly fog lays hauntingly over the crooked path.He loves to go biking but the storm rolling in is giving him the taste of illness. Jack whips around sharp turns sending leaves swirling through the crisp air. He looks ahead only to see the darkness of the night settle in. The path seems endless as the fog blocks the path ahead. A light sprinkle of rain comes and is followed by a heavy downpour.The cool rain freezes his warm face. Jack increases his speed hoping the mysterious path will come to an end. "