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 a while ago
""The glorious sights of Montana, so beautiful andso eye opening." "
 a while ago
"I think nothing of it at first until I heard what seemed like someone screaming from in the bathroom and ran out,screaming and saying that there was someone in the mirror when they looked into it."
 a while ago
"She has been nice to me for awhile and has always been there for me. She is one of the only people that actually care about me. I didn't think someone actually cared. So I thank Kidest for being there for me even when I didn't think I would make it through the day."
 a while ago
"There is so much to do in only a little time. But not today. I'm bored and there is nothing to do about it. Always alone and constantly trying to find something to do. I don't have any friends to even come over because most are too busy or people don't like me. I just don't understand it."
 a while ago
"On a dark moonlit night, there was a tiger, whose electric green eyes shone through the light."
 a while ago
""Why are you telling me how to live my life?" Nicholas asked Hunter, his best friend that he has known for years. "I'm not, I'm just trying to help you feel like you aren't alone all the time and that there is someone who actually cares about you." Hunter replied in a sad voice. "But why do you keep saying that I have to be like you, believe in the same things and act like you when I'm fine just the way I am!" Yelled Nick. "You are constantly trying to make me something I'm not and it's irritating!" continued Nick.
"But I was just trying to help." Hunter replied again trying not to make it worse. "