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 a while ago
"that night, i could not sleep. i lie there awake, waiting for the sun to come up, thinking about what Annie had told me at lunch that day. when the sun finally came up, i knew that everything would be okay, and that i would just have to face going to school today."
 a while ago
"It was just another normal school day, and it was windy as can be. The flag was blowing in the court yard, like the sail on a boat at sea. After class the door by my locker blew open, and I could have swore I heard a voice coming from outside say, "All shall die!". As I then walked to lunch, that is all I kept hearing over and over again in my head. When i was in the lunch line, Annie came over to me and said, "Have you been hearing strange noises at all today Beth? Because I heard people talking about it at the table next to me, and they said that everybody thinks the school is haunted!"."
 a while ago
"......the oil refineries, to the grain mills. the factory made root beer, to home made beer. from the mountains covered in snow, to the grass as green as a leaf. from the mountains as tall as the sky, to the buildings as small as a house."
 a while ago
"......the rolling plains, to the fluffy grass. the cute little prairie dogs to the big gigantic buffaloes. "
 a while ago
"crack his neck, and moan!"