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 a while ago
"lets go!" Jake said. As we stepped out into the now setting sun I smile at my now new friend. Then with grace I began a nice stride into my life.
The End"
 a while ago
"standing with his jaw open. looking totally speachless. After staring a while I quickly grab my things and dart out of the store. My cloack flying nbehind me.
"Wait! Please wait!" I hear the young clerk gasping behind my. I turned around.
"Wait, what?" I asked him truly confused.
"Whats your name?"The young boy with brown hair and green eyes asked.
" Claire." I say.
"Claire...,"he whispers,"Ok, I'm coming with you."and with that he just smiled and grabbed my arm pulling my hood up with his other. we steped into the store I watched as he fumbled through some things.
"Um, whats your name?"I ask.
"Jake!" He doesn't stop looking through his stuff.
"Can I change quick?" I ask Jake.
"Yeah! just go through the door behind the table."when I came out in my new outfit I looked in the mirror. Unlike my thin flowery dress this gear fits great. I turn looking at myself in all angles".
"ok! Are you done because I'm ready to go." I pulled my hair into a tight ponytail while I talked to him.
 a while ago
"I shake my head trying to erase those horrible thoughts. As i enter the city I hang my head low. I look from store to store looking for a outfit that could suit my new body. As I start to lose hope I look into the window of the last store. Inside I see a black tank top and army green pants with what seems a million pockets. a little farther back I see a yellow bag with golden buckles the glistened in the sun. I gasped and pressed my face harder against the glass. with out looking at the price I run into the out door gear store. A bell rings as I enter the store. I run straight to the rack with the tank top. I rub the fine material. Grabbing the shirt I next ran to the pants, then to the bag. strugglign to carry everything I plop my new things onto the tan table top."How much,"I asked the clerk. I brush my clock back from my head."Wow it's pretty hot in here."I pretend to fan my face, giggiling while I did. I looked up from where I stood. The young clerk who looked to be my age was..."
 a while ago
"I'm a monster.
 a while ago
"I have deep full red lips. I smile.
" Hey at least I still have human teeth," I say this to myself. after standing in front of the mirror for what seemed like hours I decide to get busy." I could use some new cloths." Quickly grabbing a cloak I wrap it over my now frail body. I step out into the mid day sun. I began a slow run to town."
 a while ago
"mentally disturbed...:%"
 a while ago
 a while ago
"Very hungry."
 a while ago
"Just then I had a bone-chilling flash back. I see my frail human self walking down a lightly lit street, head phones in my ears blasting what I called music at the time. I see my fingers tapping lightly on my newly greased apron, head rocking with the beat of the music. I see my human self turn a corner into a dark alley. I watch in horror as a paper white figure grabs my favorite bag. I turn around, but the person dashes out of sight. I turned shrugged my sholders and kept walking singing under my breath. Just then the man struck again, grabbing my wrist he pulled me to the ground. My arm snapped. I remember the blood curdeling scream that pireced the air. Next he went for my neck. I watched disgusted with how sloppy he was with me. When he finished he left me there. To change from human to vampire. I was all Alone."
 a while ago
"" All I remember," I looked at my consler," "Funny question." I chuckled a little bit under my breath. I flashed him a smile making sure he saw my full on vamp teeth. You see people know and understand that there is just more than humans, thats why when I smiled he didn't flinch.
"Jamie, don't sass me." He smiled.
" Ha, funny. Well honestly I don't really remember anything." I hear cars zooming past the skyscraper down below."
 a while ago
"" Honey everything will be alright." My mother tried to pull me into a hug while she talked, I pushed her away.
" NO! Mom it's not I just watched as my best friend was shot and killed. Trust me. It's not ok." I turned away and stomped into my room. "
 a while ago
"Cam jumped with excitment, but I could tell she was wondering about what I was going to announce in class."
 a while ago
"" Hi. I'm Cam," The young girl shook my aging hand," I'm 18 years old and I'm from Simely High school."
"Hello there Cam my name is Professer Handel, I'm the music instructer here at Hartford." I smiled brightly at her. I watched her body relax a little.
" Ok, should I start now?" She asked me while she looked at the ground lightly swinging her guitar back and forth. I nodded. With grace she began plucking the strings of one of the most beat up guitars I have ever seen. As she got into the song she began to sing. The mix of her voice and guitar playing brought tears to my eyes. "
 a while ago
"I run to my room and blast 30 Seconds To Mars This means War song. I then cry myself to sleep."
 a while ago
"I check all of her spell books and potion cupboards, but it was not there."
 a while ago
"I look at the world through a dark cloak hung losly over my head, covering my pink locks of hair. I was born with pink hair, always curly never straight. I loved it! Others didn't. They came up with crazy assumptions about me. Someone said I was a mermaid. A mermaid! I laughed to when I heard that. No I'm not a mermaid, I'm a witch. A young one to, and already being 13 I have had a lot of journeys and more to come. My next quest is to find my mother's, who was once the greatest witch, necklace. It is a crescent moon with dark purple jems covering the inside of the moons shape. it is said to magnify your powers which I could put to good use, and with magic on my side I'm ready to go."
 a while ago
"He saw what he thought was his brother.
"Jeremy! Is that you?" The look alike hobble toward him.
"Get away you are not my brother. My brother was killed in the blast!"
"You know what kid," the look alike said in a devilish tone,"I'm not your brother!" The Demon sprinted towards me changing forms while he did."
 a while ago
"Deciding that he has reached his walking litmit he uses alchemy to create an escalator. As he rode the escalator up the mountaine he began singing some of his favorite songs."
 a while ago
"He knew Alchemy was wrong. everybody did. But when you feel as alone as he did some rules just had to be broken. he laid the mans body in the transmutation circle and did what he did best. Alchemy."
 a while ago
"I lied only once to my horrifying mother. This is her cruel way of punishment. I was only six and I didn't know any better! Now being ten I'm wishing to die. I only told a lie about eating some cookies! Nothing to big! "
 a while ago
""I'm not crazy!" I screamed at the docter. This must be the hundreth time I've said this today. I try pulling my arms out of the light brown leather straps. I claw at the metal chair I'm strapped to. I look out the glass window panning across the whole wall. I see my mother. A grin stretches across face. I scream as loud as I can, but it was cut off by the sting of a needle. I look to my left and see a nurse with pink scrubs injecting me with a medicine to calm me down.
"I'm not crazy." I whisper. A tear slides down my cheek before I fall into the ever darkening darkness."
 a while ago
"The window seems to be the only place I can find comfort. Not my mother's arms or my closest friend's words. Only the window. I could look into space and see what I felt was the whole world seeings how I've never left this small town. I feel as though there is a hole in my heart ever since my father was shot on his way home from his work. "
 a while ago
"He hated walking past the graveyard. Every time he did shivers would shoot down his spine and he got very nervous. A little bead of sweat dripped down his face, he looked into the fog filled graveyard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement." Oh my gosh!" He screamed he sprinted as fast as he could, and when he was far away from the graveyard he looked back and saw...