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 a while ago
""What about you?" Rin asked in desperation to comprehend the sudden turn of events.

"Why are you sending me off to chase old myths? What do these guardians have anything to do with this revolution?"

Sudden booms came from the front gate. The four stood from the balcony as the army continued to bash the castle front.

"Look, there isn't much time. You have to hurry." Len demanded with a firm tone.

"The gate won't hold much longer." spoke the ever quiet Akita as she readied her bow fixated on any barbarians coming.

Akita, the most skilled archer known to the Kaito castle was Len's childhood friend as well as companion in battle. Her long golden hair was tied and draped to her side. Fierce to her enemies and adored by her loved ones.

In a swift motion, Kasane pulled Rin away and Len leaped off the balcony as the gates crumbled. Rin cried out in horror as her brother drew his saber and fought the horde while Akita stayed above striking down oncoming foes flooding from the entryway.
 a while ago
"Rin's face scrunched in confusion and fear. What could possibly cause barbarians to mass and create chaos among the free villages and kingdom?

Len then signaled the two women who had been standing at their side protecting them.

"Kasane." Len ordered "Accompany Rin to the other side of the river and head towards the town Nanori."

Kasane had a gentle personality and calm demeanor. Elegant and pretty with two short red ponytails on her sides that spiraled down to her chin.

"Yes Prince." She obliged without hesitation. "I will protect her with my life."

Rin quickly stood against the command wondering why Len wanted them to go to Nanori, a quiet village neutral to many conflicts along the country side.

"Rin please there isn't much time." Len said with compassion as he placed a small cyan tinted gem in her quivering hands.

"This is a fragment of the Vocaloid crystals in the far north. It will help you find the prophesied guardians. Search for them.""
 a while ago
"I stepped warily into the sanitized hospital room. The setup was no different than the hallways where the color scheme was monotone and the dull miscellaneous decor was arbitarily placed on the walls and corners. Deep down I harbored a strange sense of nostalgia as if I was recently here as a patient myself.
But now wasn't the time to think about it so I dismissed it. There was a purpose for my visit.
As I entered the room, I pulled back the curtains and saw her delicate figure lying helplessly in a vegetative state with cords fusing to her. One would think even a hint of remorse would be apparent on a person's face to such a sight. If anything, all I felt was apathy.

She was just a girl I knew nothing about. Some strange girl who clung to me everywhere I went. It was as if she knew me her whole life. Even now after her accident, her parents requested my presence as if speaking on her behalf.

In her hand laid a plain sepia tone envelope. And my heart sunk. It was addressed to me."