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- a while ago
The sun felt hot along my arm as I drove along the dusty road. The radio was on. I turned the corner and saw the gate. I put in the pass-code and it opened. I revved the engine of my jeep and roared through the gateway.
- a while ago
As I drived isaw old man jenkins slumped over on the road
- a while ago
Just kidding , It was only my imagination , oh my , do i need to get some sleep , ill rest at the lake .
- a while ago
As I drove up to the lake I saw giant monsters with lazer beams attacking the city.
I gotta get off this stuff i thought
- a while ago
Dust was swirling around the jeep as I turned the corner. The red and white lake house gleamed in the sun. The two story dock was amazing to look at. I walked down to the beach and I slumped on the sand. I slowly went to sleep
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