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- a while ago
As you could probably tell from the title, this story will make no sense.
So be prepared for some sillies.
One day, I was minding my own business.
...until I didn't.
The ground started to tremor, and the wind started to blow.
"Oh no!" I said, "A beetle hurricane!"
Beetles rose from the ground and swirled around in the air. It was just how a pictured it.
"I remember, a null brochure predicted this would happen," I said.
I flashed back to when I was reading the brochure.
'Beetle Hurricanes! Watch out, everyone! It's happening, so act fast! Come on down the Aqua Hill Zone's Resort and Spa! *Now with no Beetle Hurricanes*'
Gee, I really wish I could have gone there.
- a while ago
But then i realized that the null brochure said that the hurricanes would last forever.
- a while ago
"Great!" I said, "That must mean the hurricanes will stop sometime soon!"
-Sometime soon later-
The hurricanes have not stopped.
"I might just have to wait a little longer."
-1 day later-
"OK, maybe I should do something to stop these," I said.
I took out a carrot, because beetles love carrots.
Then all of the beetles trampled me, trying to eat the carrot.
They sounded all like "Om nom nom". Beetles are so adorable.
...wait, what?
Anyway, the beetles ate the carrot whole.
"Awesome!" I exclaimed.
...but then the beetles went back into a hurricane.
"Okaaaayyy, what exactly did I think was gonna happen with this plan...?" I wondered.
- a while ago
probably that the beetles might have died of overfeeding?
nabut the question stilled remained .
How will i get rid of them
- a while ago
"I have an idea to get rid of them!" I said, talking to myself because I'm forever alone, "I could get a carrot, and..."
"...oh wait."
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