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- a while ago
On s quiet sunny day, A girl decides to go for a walk. She has a walking path behind her house that she has never take before. She goes on the path and starts to wonder where it leads. She came to the edge of forest and decided to go in the forest.She got deeper in the forest and weird things began to happen. She thought she herd a little girl crying she goes to see if she can find That little girl crying. She comes upon a little stump and sees a doll laying next to it. She knew that a little girl needed help. It got dark and foggy and she herd the little girl shouting. It got too dark so the girl went home. She called the cops and Said " I herd a little girl screaming and I couldn't find her." The officer said
- a while ago
"where are you? Do you know who it might be?"
- a while ago
the little girl you heard screaming, She was murdered a year ago to this day and no one ever found out who did it. So her scream remains in the forest to this very day.

The End.
- a while ago
till she saw a flying unicorn named Andy Sixx
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