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- a while ago
One day we were invaded by martians at Table Rock Middle School. The martians were threatening to kill us all if we lose in sport,then we gathered all the kids to discuss what to play. We decided to play basketball. we called the martinas to play with us, but they tried to cheat in the game and then they kept on pushing and tripping everybody.Then then they all died and lived happily ever after.However,they come back to life and they took away our food and water and we all died cause they took everything we were living offapples,and berries. The martains turned kinley's group and ciara's groupturned in to martains. caleb stole the spaceship, then he teleported Jordan up with him. We traveled past pluto and came across another planet, then we landed on the planet safely. When we got off we killed the first alien we saw and it had an egg, we went back to Earth.Then we hatched it and named it Snoop Dragon.We went back to table rock gave the aliens there spaceship back, they left. the end
- a while ago
However the military had to help get rid of the martins forever so the military took a nuke and let it off to the other planet that held the martinas. The nuke killed all of the martinas and we had extra food stored. So we lived in happyness. The end.
- a while ago
No I am just kiding the martians are still here and Marvin is there leader. He has been on thisearth for 12 years and we have not known...
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