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- a while ago
The sound of police cars was what woke her that morning, that sound was oh so familiar and unwelcome to her. She jumped up quickly to throw on her flannel and some jeans, tying her boots as fast as she could. Hiding in unsold houses and cheap motels (if she could afford them) she had been on the run for quite awhile, but she didn’t mind it as long as she wasn’t caught (or at least about to). Throwing everything in her bag she edged her way through the hall, when she heard a knock at the door. Her heart was pounding in her chest, but she kept her cool and made her breath barely audible, she could do this, she’d done it before. When the door opened she pressed close to the wall and immediately started looking for an exit, she saw the back door that let into the woods, where she could easily maneuver and escape through. Reaching for a pocket in her bag she grabbed one of her smoke bombs, a skillful weapon she had learned to work before she was on the run. Peeking ever so slightly she saw two men in uniform, one holding a shotgun, the other on a walkie-talkie, she stared intently looking for somewhere out of there visible eyeshot to throw the bomb towards. Found It. Very gingerly she slid down the wall to get a better aim, she held the string-trigger in between her teeth and waited.Ready. Set. RUN!

- a while ago
- a while ago
super swag.....
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