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- a while ago

“ I’m not going back! I can’t … you don’t know how hard I’ve
worked to keep clear of this place.” Mia shouted. She was getting weaker. The
tranquilizer was working its magic and soon she would find herself in darkness.
The man who shot her with the tranquilizer gun was surprised; although Mia was
small it took more than one dose to even bring her down. But then again he
didn’t know the full truth about Mia or her kind. He was hired to bring her to
the one she feared most, the one who made her feel things that she was ashamed
of, the one that she has been running from for that past 3 years; Her husband

Mia never thought that she’d be forced into marriage with a
man who held so much power. Even though most women would have killed to be in
such a relationship, Mia couldn't stand the sight of Stefan. She had no choice.
- a while ago
Mia's clouded mind was slowly coming to surface of consciousness. Before she could open her eyes the world was already wildly spinning. With one eye open just a slit she tried to figure out where she was it felt like the ground was moving. All she could see was grey gunmetal walls she then realized the ground wasn't moving she was, in the back of a van.
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