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- a while ago
"I'm not crazy!" I screamed at the docter. This must be the hundreth time I've said this today. I try pulling my arms out of the light brown leather straps. I claw at the metal chair I'm strapped to. I look out the glass window panning across the whole wall. I see my mother. A grin stretches across face. I scream as loud as I can, but it was cut off by the sting of a needle. I look to my left and see a nurse with pink scrubs injecting me with a medicine to calm me down.
"I'm not crazy." I whisper. A tear slides down my cheek before I fall into the ever darkening darkness.
- a while ago
I awake in a dark cold room. not knowing where i am i get up and feel my way around. my hand goes around the whole room still not finding the door. "where am i, how do i get out of her, were in the heck is the stupid light. PLEASEEEE let me out off here i did nothing to be here." but then the faint memory comes back to my mind. not i remember way i'm here. im here because of a lie.
- a while ago
I lied only once to my horrifying mother. This is her cruel way of punishment. I was only six and I didn't know any better! Now being ten I'm wishing to die. I only told a lie about eating some cookies! Nothing to big!
- a while ago
or was it something else. The whole thing with my dad and my sister. the constant abuse we got. scared and not knowing where to run. I could hear her words in the back or my head telling me to run and not look back for her. I couldn't leave her there. When dad came back she would be torched until she told him where i was. She wouldn't tell him. she was so loyal to me. If she did and he found my she would not be able to live with the pain. Thats why. Thats why... wait what happend after that thats all i remember. oh, yeah thats why im here tell them the things that i witnessed but no one believed on what i had said i saw. My poor sister what ever did happen to her poor, little, weak body
- a while ago
She could be anywhere by now. "MOOOOM MOOOOM SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE." i screamed. i stopped for a second and then i heard them say "shes up Mrs. Bennet. Do you want us to put her under."
" I don't care, just don't ask me shes not under my care anymore." She said
"what, what do they mean I'm not under her care anymore."
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