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- a while ago
I was laying on the sidewalk, trashed from a mean old crappy lady. I was feeling alone and yellow, after all I am a banana. Anyway, i was in a cold dark lunch box staring at a juice box that wouldn't stop bragging about his straw.
- a while ago
"OH MY GOD Campbell soup can look at this straw. its just in color!" the juicebox said.
- a while ago
I couldn't take it anymore so i fell asleep. I was having a VERY peace full nap until i felt like someone grabbed me. I opened my eyes and saw the mean old crappy lady! I started screaming really loud! so loud she finally put me back in the lunch box. She slammed it shut.
- a while ago
Just when her nasty man hands were about to grap my rear, out of the blue a monkey comes swooping threw.
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