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- a while ago
Kipper was the youngest of 2 in the Bradley family. He had an older sister whom he hated with all his heart. she was perfect. seriously she was legit perfect. while kipper was 300 pounds, could barley walk and had a butt chin.
- a while ago
One day when Kippers sister, Brianna, was looking in the mirror, admiring her looks. Kipper went behind her and looked in the mirror. To his surprise, the mirror shattered when he glimpsed in it. His sister screamed at him "You dumbell! Now you owe me a new mirror!" Kipper spent the rest of the day thinking on how to get the money. He looked at an ad in the paper. Run for money! It said. Participate In the walk for cash! Kipper thought to himself, Im too fat to run. There he started his workout training.
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