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- a while ago
" Hi. I'm Cam," The young girl shook my aging hand," I'm 18 years old and I'm from Simely High school."
"Hello there Cam my name is Professer Handel, I'm the music instructer here at Hartford." I smiled brightly at her. I watched her body relax a little.
" Ok, should I start now?" She asked me while she looked at the ground lightly swinging her guitar back and forth. I nodded. With grace she began plucking the strings of one of the most beat up guitars I have ever seen. As she got into the song she began to sing. The mix of her voice and guitar playing brought tears to my eyes.
- a while ago
I was in awe of her natural talent, and when she finished the last chord of the song, she looked up at me and smiled. I gave her a smile in return.
"Wow, Cam, that was... amazing," I laughed, because 'amazing' was such an understatementfor her. "Would you consider coming to my class after school today? I was thinking of having some of my best students to come too, I have something to announce."
- a while ago
Cam jumped with excitment, but I could tell she was wondering about what I was going to announce in class.
- a while ago
At the end of the day, I showed up at the same spot as before. But this time, there were three other students there. One of them was a Darren, and he was holding an electric guitar with him. His hair was black and jagged, he always reminded me of a rock band my Dad used to love. The other two were girls, Tina and Sophia, and they both were sitting by each other, talking quietly. They were both brunettes, and looked very similar. I was always sure they were related, but they deny that. But I noticed that Cam wasn't here yet.
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