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- a while ago
I look around and notice all the other kids in their fancy outfits and professional looking clubs. They all have a spory hat on and bright show off gloves. All Im wearing is my oder sister's outfit and I have my new Clubs with me from last Christmas.
- a while ago
I feel out numbered when I hear my name over the announcements. I pick up my driver than head to the beginning of the hole.
- a while ago
As I am walking to the box, where we start our first swing, My dad walks right behind me, being my caddy. He gives me a sly smile and then a wink, wishing me luck. I begin to become more confident and feel a sense of relief.
- a while ago
I wait then wait. Then I start to take some practice swings so i can get a good shot. With my heart going crazy I..
- a while ago
then i drove it 150 yards and landed on the fairway just before the green
- a while ago
"Yes!" I say to myself under my breath. I begin to punch my fist in the air, and then I remember that I have to have good sportsman ship, so I can be a good golfer. I look over to my dad and see him smiling proudly over to me.
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