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- a while ago
the dragon put on his snapback and so does the unicorn the meet at the mall they wish they could buy something but they were broke jokes they had no clue how to make money so they went to a place were they thought they could earn some but it turned out they were so lazy that they fell asleep and ended up getting fired then it turns out that the unicorn could poop out 100,000 dollar bills but the unicorn was selfish and he did not want to share son the dragon had to find a way to make money so he decided to go 1,000 miles to another land they called mexico where they had all moved to america for jobs but now there were alot of open jobs so he made alot of money and then back with the unicorn he cant poop money and ends up doing things that i can't say or i will get in trouble so then after a year the unicorn asks the dragon for money by now the dragon is a billionare and he denines the unicorn money and then the dragon retires after that the uni corn is still begging for money today
- a while ago
but the unicorn made money by becoming a male model
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